Maracas Tumbao

Free Shekere Lesson
The shekere is a popular instrument from Africa and there are many ways to play it I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial. Guiro rhythm:
Como Improvisar Recursos Para Iniciar En La Impro
Recursos básicos para iniciar en la improvisación Escala pentatónica. Clases de piano via skype patriciosaxo skype patopiano2.
Quinto Instructions For Solo
A basic quinto pattern which you can use as a startingpoint to build up your own solo. Some variations included
A Simple African Rhythm For Beginners On Bongos
This is Lesson 3 from the new instructional video "Bongo Grooves for Beginners, Volume 3." It's available as a DVD or a download at dancinghands. In ...
Dend And Band Performs Quero Ficar Com Voce
Dendȇ - Timbau, Congas and Vocals Leslie Malmed - Surdos Benhur Oliveira - Drumset Tiago Garcia - Bass David Cordeiro - Guitar Livio Almeida - Flute.
Guaracha Lesson
Guaracha is a very fast rhythm. It is almost the same as son montuno and mambo, but it has a different background. Guaracha comes from the musical theatre, c...
Starting With Shakers Free Lesson
Shakers for beginners and in the end some independent exercises. Your strong hand plays the shaker and with the other hand you can play different patterns. h...
Mi Socio Nene
carlos nene quintero.
The Beauty Of Changu I
Changüí de Guantánamo is an old group from the East of Cuba. They make lovely music and they say that Son music evolved from Changüí. In this lesson I explai...
Samuel Torres At Zinc Bar
On January 29, 2009 virtuoso percussionist Samuel Torres led an all star band at the new Zinc Bar in NYC. In the band were Ruben Rodriguez, Reynaldo Jorge, P...
Congas Video Lessons. For Info Write To Videocorsi
Some Of The Rhythms That We Are Goin' To Play Together For Info Write to: videocorsi@leodiangilla.
Tropico 4 Music Track 9
In this lesson you can find different 6/8 rhythms for congas. Rhythms like: afrekete, abakua Matanzas and Habana style and rumba columbia. michael...
6 8 Rhythms For
Some different rhythms they use in Bahia for the timbau. More timbal rhythms: :...
The Timbau From
Samuel Torres gives a demo and talks about why he uses Remo conga heads remo/portal/artists/5552/Samuel_Torres.html Conga Head - SKYNDEEP® Cal...
Remo Samuel Torres Why Remo
The bongo is the instrument that makes the variations. Wigbert Martina explaines how to start making repiques and variations.
Giovanni Hidalgo Solo Clip At Memphis Drum Shop
Bongo Repiques And
Bongos Bossa Nova Tutorial Completo Espanol
Visite renelorente Un mano a mano entre las Orquestas Aragón y Enrique Jorrín que proyectó la Televisión Cubana en 1986. Esta fue la descarga ...
Climax Usher Bachata Version
Broadcast december 8 10.30 AM (GMT +1) Livestream Website: This video was re...
Orquesta Aragon Y Orquesta De Enrique Jorrin Descarga En Cachita 1986
Percussionist, Samuel Torres performs variations on the cumbia rhythm.
Ramo N & Orlando Valle Levitando Live Bimhuis Amsterdam
"Bridges" es es el primer episodio de un documental de 4 episodios sobre Musica Latina en USA. El segundo episodio se llama "The Salsa Revolution" y se puede...
Samuel Torres Performs On Conga
"Muevelo asi" the new hit for zumba class in miami. "Muevelo asi" lo que se esta bailando en zumba miami.
Bridges Musica Afro Cubana Origen De La Salsa E Influencia En El Jazz Latin...
Actuación de Pakito Baeza en el Festival de Cine de Alicante 2013.
Muevelo Asi Zumba Official Choreography
Lucumi CD - "El Solar De La Cueva De Humo"- by Pancho Quinto and Santita. Arranged by Long John Oliva. Featuring Long John Oliva, Omar Sosa, Orlando Puntilla...
Actuacion De Pakito Baeza En El Festival De Cine De Alicante 2013
A nice rhythm which was brought to Cuba by the Yorubas. They also brought this rhythm to Brasil, but that is an other version.... Brazil version: yout...
Long John Oliva S Ac Jazz Project Lucumi El Solar De La Cueva De Humo
The Havana style of playing the rumba columbia. This is a fast rumba. Rumba Columbia Matanzas style: michaeldemiranda....
Iyesa From
In this video, Ruben Alvarez teaches how to play congas using three drums.
Rumba Columbia
Pakito Baeza: Samba (rumba)
Ruben Alvarez Fun With Three
Pakito Baeza Samba Rumba
In this lesson, Ruben Alvarez teaches how to play a conga drum.
Zumba Tu Mirada F2 La Liga Latina Ft Maynor Mc By Honduras Dance Crew
How can you start to read rhythms...... A small explanation about music notes.
Ruben Alvarez Revisiting Fun With One
This is a way you can play the mozambique New York style. First I explain how you can play the timbales part and than the conga part. michaeldemir...
Reading Rhythms
Curte ritimo latino? Songo é um ritimo gostoso de tocar,sua forma solta de ser tocada,permite que possa ser encaixada em qualquer estilo musical,sempre respe...
Mozambique New York
Instructions how you can play the Abakua of Matanzas. For a nice lesson about Abakua in the Havanna style: michaeldemi...
Aula De Bateria Songo Changuito
Here are some exercises to improve your pandeiro playing.
Abakua Matanzas
In this tutorial Wigbert Martina explains how to play the basic rhythm on bongos: the martillo. percussi...
21 Djembe Ashiko Samba Lenta Tutorial Eltallerhd
EXPRESS TO QUEENS - Composed & Arranged by Samuel Torres Samuel Torres & Fernando Knopf Quintet @ Tel Aviv Jazz Festival 2013 Israel Samuel Torres - Congas, ...
Martillo On The
The Music of Yosvany Terry.
Express To Queens Samuel Torres & Fernando Knopf Quintet Tel Aviv Jazz...
In this video, Ruben Alvarez teaches how to play congas using two drums.
Jazz Cubano And Beyond....the Music Of Yosvany Terry. Amical Navarro Music By...
A lesson on how you can play the cascara pattern on timbales.
Ruben Alvarez Fun With Two
Here are some variations you can use when you're playing samba.
Cascara On
Explicacion basica de la clave de salsa (son y Rumba) en 2:3 y 3:2 How to play basic salsa clave (son y rumba) Por Joaquin Arteaga Percusionista, compositor ...
There is a clapped version of the Cuban rhythm: Arara. If you search here on Youtube, you'll find some. In this lesson I explain how you can play this Arara ...
Joaquin Arteaga Explicacion La Clave Parte 1 Percusion Latina Salsa Basica
CD s:///us/album/desde-nueva-york-a-puerto-rico/id548370107?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 LP lpmusic/artists/artist/EddieMontalvo/ OT...
How you can play rumba-guaguanco (Havanna style) with more people. For example your percussion group. For the Yambu Havanna style:
Eddie Montalvo New York International Salsa Congress Canta Jeremy Montalvo ...
There are a lot of different maracatus. In this lesson you can see 1 example of how to play a maracatu from Recife. Filmed and edited by Gertjan Withagen. ht...
La Celosa Paulo Fg Parte Ii
Rumba Guaguanco
A Nice Maracatu From