Tapion S Theme Ocarina

God Knows Only On Ocarina
So mal God Knows ohne musik dabei hoch geladen...übers head-set das original gehört un dann gespielt :D ja ich weis es sind fehler drin aber wayne.
Panda Blast Tapion Plug
Once I heard one sound, now I found him and mixed with basses and beats, certainly busted some already melodies , and thats hwat happens........
Birthday Message Ocarina On Iphone
This is a birthday message i sent to my super friend as i couldn't be there for her party at home, its me playing two tunes on my iPhone. The first is happy ...
Clock Town Sample Ocarina Cover End Of The World Tribute
Video de una antigua cuenta subida a este nuevo canal.
This one I layered (Like all my other compositions), but I went for more of a techno/dance feel instead of trance like I normally do. Was it a mistake? Maybe...
Fur Elise Beethoven
Für Elise Ludwig van Beethoven (~ 17. Dezember 1770; † 26. März 1827) Ocarina: The Muse (Songbird) Micro: Logitech Headset ;-)
Saria S Song Y Mario Theme
disculpen al baboso de mi primo k na+ esta regandola.
Dj Besthobra Best Techno 2012
a great remix of songs: 10.- You Are A Pirate Techno Remix (Basshunter Style) youtube/watch?v=01Z5AH4dl5s 9.- DJ MNS vs Emaxx - Pump my Bass h...
Jingle Bells Vive Le Vent Using Iphone Ocarina
ocarnia iphone training.
I Need Help With Ocarina
my e-mail is supersmashflash2info.
Ocarina Cap 7 Market Town Oot
The market town del ocarina of time, no me canso de tocarla para relajarme cuando no me sale alguna otra.
Test Voicing Oversized In 12 Holes Sweet Potato Ocarinas
Recently I had the idea for 12-hole ocarina with features that make them usable in concert, as well as outdoors. I started then with a slightly oversized hol...
Random Six Hole Tunes
Well, it was about time this secretive ocarina player show his ugly head, lol. I've owned a six hole english pendant for about 5 years, and only recently got...
Ocarina Cap 9 Kakariko Village
Hay un fallo a la mitad y en una nota del final sobretodo pero...bueno, a veces sale mejor que otras xd.
Ocarina Cap 11 The Place I Ll Return To Someday Ffix
Gracias doy a los usuarios de youtube de los que saco mucho mas facilmente estos fragmentos.
All My Ducks On Ocarina
I played this Song fpr Children on my 7 hole Ocarina. My first Song, which i could play....
Figured I'd resurrect my page with a song I've had for a while. A beautiful Korean song about two trees becoming as one through their love and devotion for t...
The Place I Ll Return To Someday
I'm playing "The Place I'll Return to Someday" from Final Fantasy IX on my 10-hole Alto Ocarina. I did not insert the video stream on purpose - I looked awfu...
Himno De La Alegria
El Himno de la alegria en Ocarina's.
Gake No Ue No Ponyo
In response do Docjazz4's challenge, I ACCEPT :P This was played on my Focalink Alto C from Songbird Ocarina. I did a bit of video editing to make it look i...
Mrtrompero Cancion De Saria En Lost Woods
Dedicandome a la musica desde hace años, me ha tenido siempre en constante curiosidad el sonido de la ocarina una vez escuchada en The legend of Zelda: Ocari...
Minue En Sol Bach
He aquí mi primer video tocando mi recién adquirida ocarina, que mola un gritón. Para empezar una pieza facil y resultona.
Scale Musicali
La ocarina tripla può suonare accettabilmente in tonalità distanti fino a tre alterazioni in più o in meno da quella di impianto dello strumento. Questo film...
Recent Ocarinas Overview July 2010
Hi, just doing a quick, simple overview on some recent ocarinas I've added to the collection. -Focalink Plastic AC -TNG plastic triple -Focalink Dolce Triple...
Ssb Remix Short
My version of SSSB themes, although i know its not the best, i like it, and i cant really remember which themes i used when creating this. Orignal theme(s) c...
Pokemon 2000 Lugia S Song
Playing Lugia's song with the ocarina application for iPhone.
0carina Pavane
playing ocarina.
El Tema De Tapion
Otra vez con este tema de Dragon Ball Z. Ocarina y guitarrra, con la presentación estelar de Toto.
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Music Thor S Theme Extended Hd
Extended music from Marvel Vs Capcom 3 :D Enjoy :)
Harp Cover Mime S Harp Seiji Yokoyama Saint Seiya
Otra petición realizada ^^ espero que os guste.
Dragon Ball Z Ss4 Broly Vs Ss4 Gogeta Theme
Epona S Song
This is my first video so it might sound funny,its ok, if you likr it ill let you in on a secret, im creating a website for me and my ocarina, coming soon, S...
Zelda Lullaby
zelda lullaby on my plastic ocarina its not my cam so it will be hard to see me well.
Focalink Alto C
this is a review of the focalink alto c ocarina
Snow Checkered Bridge
This is my friend Chai Jin Gang playing one of my purple clay triples. This is a well-known Chinese melody (断桥残雪) about West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Snow Ch...
Dbz Soundtrack The Theme From Goku Death
A soundtrack I made by editing 1 of the original soundtracks.
Destiny Theme Piano Cover Fan Made Music By Ign
This isn´t the real theme,it was a soundtrack played by ign as a placeholder. Hey. This is my Piano Cover of bungies new game "Destiny" .that can be heard in...
Lugia S Theme Armonica Cover
El tema de Lugia de Pokémon hecho con mi armónica, se que no se escucha muy bien u_u pero espero que les guste n_n Tabs: harptabs/song.php?ID=2082...
Emmanuel Hoarau Lugia S Theme
Mercedes Lullaby Pan S Labyrinth
Yet another vid in my 'Visual TAB' format. I really enjoyed this movie and particularly this song in it. Thanks Adhara for the sheet music, I dropped it down...
Minute Of Forest En Flauta Dulce
minuto del bosque de el juego zelda ocarina of time.
Cancion Del Tiempo The Legend Of Zelda
la cancion del tiempo de the legend of zelda ocarina of time con flauta dulce.
A Serenade To My Friend Norman Dannatt Irish Tune With Asian Touch
This traditional Irish tune and performance are dedicated to my dearest friend Norman Dannatt. `To a Wild Rose´ played with a light Asian touch on the ocarin...
Final Fantasy Vi Terra Theme Ff6 Best Version
My version of Terra " Tina " theme from piano collection Final fantasy 6 ost with cosplay picture.Ma version du theme de Terra de l'ost piano collection de F...
Nayru S Song On Dragon Tooth Reverb
Okay, simple, but cool, I really like how this sounds, and I hope you do too. Also, from now on, I'll be appending the word (reverb) to the video to indicate...
Fisherman S Horizon From Final Fantasy Viii On Blue And White Porcelain Ocarinas
Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack Solid State Scouter
High Quality Link: youtube/watch?v=Lm77VCkf_do&fmt=18 From the movie "Bardock: The Father Of Goku"
Dbz Tapions Trance Theme
The first song my friend Scaven and I made with Propellerheads Reason 4.0. We played the accords and melodies on a USB MIDI keyboard and edited and sequenced...
Legend Of Zelda Intro Theme Mario Paint
I started to try to get more professional at it. This is my first real vid without going by ear. Enjoy :)