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2 Hymns On Pennywhistle

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"Ode to Joy" and.. See the Beeker from the Muppets performing this tune in my favorite videos section for more fun The other hymn.. had the melody in my head for many years, but long ago forgot the title of it. Anybody know?
Celtic Hymn On Tin Whistle In D Original Composition
This is just a little piece I composed during a bit of free time I had this week. It's played on a John Sindt in D (the finest whistle ever made IMO). The lo...
10 000 Reasons Bless The Lord Oh My Soul With Irish Tin Whistle
This is one of my fav song, I Love worshiping God and the combination of Irish Tin whistle makes me go on and on... This is my second try on Irish Tin Whistl...
Hymn To The Sea & My Heart Will Go On Tin Whistle
Hymn to the sea and My heart will go on, played on clarke whistle. For all of you who today remember the RMS Titanic that went down, now a 100 years ago. The...
Jesuit Mclain In The Garden Gospel Hymn Pennywhistle For Dan
Lovely spring evening on porch. Lots of bee talk
Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Songs
UPDATE: GET FREE SHEET MUSIC (NOTES) at my new website: warobinsonmusic/projects/an-old-pair-of-dancing-shoes/ Traditional Songs with my arrangement....
Tin Whistle Tutorial Learn To Play The Penny Whistle
Learn how to play the tin whistle with the interactive tutorial at whistleaway. The sound works at whistleaway Notes and sheet music are ...
Joy Hymn Tin Whistle
The Joy Hymn of Inno alla Gioia played with my tin whistle.
Lamb Of God On Irish Whistle Abell
A beautiful arrangement of the Christian hymn "Lamb of God" played on my Abell D Irish Whistle, the same one that Sir James Galway plays on The Lord of the R...
Bodhran And Tin Whistle
a music video featuring the Irish Drum "Bodhran" and the Tin Whistles, showing pictures of the Irish countryside, the music is provided by Celia and Marc of ...
Amazing Grace Played On Irish Tin Whistle
Amazing Grace | Irish Tin Whistle Amazing Grace is a beautiful song that connects you to the heart of God. I Love this song and has always reminded me about ...
Titanic My Heart Will Go On Penny Tin Whistle Notes In Discreption
Ich spiele auf meiner (penny) Tin Whistle "My heart will go on" vom Film "Titanic". My fingering chart: 1. D E (E-F#) :G: F# E D E A 2. F# E D B A G (G-A) 3....
Relaxing Celtic Music Irish Tin Whistle
This song I composed and play it on the Tin Whistle with some orchestration. The Picture is from a free wallpaper site.
The Bear & The Maiden Fair Tin Whistle Tutorial
As requested, a tutorial on how to play the whistle part for 'The Bear & The Maiden Fair'. We hope this is useful to all you fellow whistlers
Londonderry Air Danny Boy Irish Folk Song Celtic Harp & Tin Whistle
Beautiful Nothern Irish anthem "Londonderry Aire", also known as "Danny Boy". Performed with Celtic harp and tin whistle. The song has been interpreted by so...
Tin Whistle Notes And Fingering Charts
Here's a little simple help on how to play the notes on your tin whistle. And then there are two songs playing as an example with the fingering charts. I'm s...
Cpvc Penny Whistle
This is a homebuilt D+C# penny whistle, playing O Come O Come Emmanuel and Be Thou My Vision. It was constructed out of 1/2" CPVC pipe and 1/2" dowl rod (the...
Sons Of Skyrim Tin Whistle Feadog D
Sons of Skyrim on Feadóg tin whistle in D.
Hymn Of The Fayth Yevon Tin Whistle Tutorial
An user ask me the tutorial for this famous Final Fantasy X hymn by Nobuo Uematsu so there it is notes are taken by ear so if you want the original you have ...
Hymn Of The Fayth Yevon Tin Whistle
Final Fantasy X's Hymn of Yevon played with tin whistle. Obviously composed by Nobuo Uematsu. An advice... read the words of this hymn and enjoy to find the ...
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Played On Penny Whistle Reinhardt Stander
Reinhardt Stander plays the hymn 'What a Friend we have in Jesus' written by Joseph M. Scriven, on the Penny Whistle. What a friend we have in Jesus, All our...
My Heart Will Go On Titanic On Penny Whistle Tin Whistle
Played on penny (tin) whistle using the backing track from I used a Generation Bb and a Feadog D whistle for this recording. The Bb i...
Raymond Mccreesh Tin Whistle
Raymond McCreesh was a member of the IRA and an hunger striker. After 61 days, he died in Long Kesh. This song has been written for him and his struggle, so ...
Yankee Doodle Ukulele Cajon Bass Penny Whistle Banjo Glockenspiel And...
Although the origins of the song are a bit foggy, it is known that Yankee Doodle dates back to the Seven Years' War in the 1750's. It is sung patriotically i...
Slow Air The Level Plain Gene Milligan D Tin Whistle
I played a G. Milligan D tin whistle and composed the musical arrangement. Editing audio: Pro Tools 8 on Mac Mic: Rode NTG 2 The Level Plain, by Gerard Fahy.
Tin Whistle Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold The Hobbit
Good song to practice higher octaves on the tin whistle. Played on a Feadóg in D. TAB: mediafire/?bb2o73qomc7j7qn Hope you enjoy it. Watch in HD.
Going Home Penny Whistle And Orchestra
Bought myself a penny whistle for playing around with and thought I should probably write a piece I could play to. So I recorded myself (both video and audio...
Two Wow Tavern Songs Played With Low & Tin Whistles Cover
A pair of tavren songs of the world of warcraft game, covered with the irish whistles as allways. Instruments: Tin Whistle Susato A Key (the first song) Tin ...
Mio Nemico Tin Whistle & Concert Flute
Me and my friend Manja are playing "Mio Nemico" theme from the movie "Fantaghirò" composed by Amedheo Minghi and originally performed in the movie by Rossana...
Lock The Door On Penny Whistle
A fun Irish slide/single jig and one of my favourites. I play it on my soprano D whistle made by Tyrone Head.
Train Wreck Penny Whistle
Just some diddling on the whistle.
Tin Whistle Skyrim Dohvakiin
Melody from Skyrim played on Dixon low D.
Belzebuth Cul De Sac With Tin Whistle By Nea
Tin whistle - Karolina "Nea" Księżyk (Ryo) Sound edit, montage and mastering - Jarosław "amigowiec" Wicher Video record - Sandra "Diar" Stalmarska Video edit...
Karin Leitner Plays Titanic At The Vienna Filmball For Kevin Spacey
Download this music on : /My-Heart-Will-Go-Titanic/dp/B003TPNEGA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1277962412&sr=8-1 Karin Leitner (...
Scottish Jigs On Tin Whistle Aberdeen 2001
3 bagpipe jigs - "The Cat's Dance / Donald Cameron's Powder Horn / The Hen's March". The first composed by B.Abbott [ accordion player, so I'm told ] and the...
King Of The Fairies Tutorial Sheet Music Link Tin Whistle
Okay, this is a tutorial Don't actually hold your fingers that far away from the holes. I play it full speed at 3:22 but you may want to play it slower...I ...
Scarborough Fair Tin Whistle By Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards plays a familiar English folk song on tin whistle. "Scarborough Fair" was a 45 day trading fair in medieval England. It ran from August 15 to ...
I Won T Give Up Piano Penny Whistle
I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz Covered by Ashley Haigh Made with Garageband.
Anak Whistles Alto G Key Irish Tin Whistle The Level Plain
Anak Whistles Bamboo Alto G key (Irish tin Whistle / Made in South Korea) Play : 아낙수탉 자작한 대나무 아이리쉬 틴휘슬로 연주해보았습니다.^^
Trim The Velvet Reel Eimear Flannery Tin Whistle
[Trim the velvet, reel] / Eimear Flannery, tin whistle. Recorded in Cis' Kitchen, Main Street, Brosna, Co. Kerry at the Con Curtin Festival, June 2014. REFNO...
Piano Tin Whistle Not Every Man Really Lives Cover Braveheart Soundtrack
This is one of my favourite songs, from one of my favourite soundtracks, from one of my favourite movies. So I figured "Hey, why not play it on 2 instruments...
Celtic Music Were You There Tin Whistle & Uilleann Pipes
"Were you there?" de l'album "Piper's Dance" réalisé par le groupe Ballycastle. Les photos proviennent du net et sont d'Ecosse et d'Irlande. Bonne écoute -...
Tin Whistle Lugia S Theme
Here's me playing Lugia's theme on my Tin whistle. I hope the notes will be of help for you:) I will soon update more songs with notes, and you are welcome t...
Tin Whistle Titanic
jennybiddle Howdy Just mucking around :) What better to do on a Thursday evening. My real music is at jennybiddle, but perhaps I should go I...
Irish Charm Tony Osborne With Barry Green Bass David Burnett Tin Whistle And...
Irish Music in spirit ending with Danny Boy written and arranged by the amazing Tony Osborne for Barry Green's Bridging Gaps Concerts Feb 10, 2013 in San Die...
My Heart Will Go On Guitar And Penny Whistle Cover
haha. sorry for the mistakes... i almost did a thousand takes for this cause i keep messing up the whistle part. tsss XDDD song is not mine, no copyright inf...
Eleanor Rigby On Pennywhistle
me. pennywhistle. =)
Martin Haye S Reel Tin Whistle
Autumn is maybe my favorite season, and I think this beautiful reel fits right with it. Thanks for subscribing, you're almost 1000 subscribers on my channel,...
Titanic Soundtrack Tin Whistle Peregrinii
My Heart Will Go On - Titanic Soundtrack - James Horner 15.05.2014 Logart Timisoara.
Tin Whistle Teste Sonoridade Tema Omnia Morrigan
fabricada com bambu seco com fogo, timbre semelhante a tin whistle tocada pelo vocalista da banda Omnia (steve evans-van der harten) afinada em C+.