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Fhs Jazz Choir S National Anthem

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the fhs jazz choir sings the national anthem at the homecoming game
Star Spangled Banner Norman North Jazz Choir 09 24 10
The Norman North Jazz Choir singing our National Anthem before a home game, 09/24/10.
Folsom High School Jazz Choir Star Spangled Banner Homecoming 2009
Folsom High School Jazz Choir performs the National Anthem at Homecoming September 18, 2009.
Fhs Band The National Anthem 10 10 08
The FHS Marching Band playing The National Anthem on 10/10/08.
Thriller Fhs Jazz Choir & Jazz Ensemble
Butterfly Fhs Jazz Choir 2010
Kayla Highsmith is the soloist, you can't see her though because a speaker is in the way.. :/ She sounds awesome though Jazz choir's last performance @ The ...
Star Spangled Banner Central Islip High School Concert Choir
The Central Islip Concert Choir (John Anthony, Director) performs the STAR SPANGLED BANNER arr. by Darmon Meader at The Reed School in Central Isilp. The Con...
Stoughton High School Choir Singing National Anthem At Brewer Game
Stoughton High School Concert Choir Sings National Anthem at Brewers' Game 05/23/2012.
Folsom High School Jazz "A" choir sings the National Anthem at the Sacramento Kings home opener for the 2012-2013 season.
Holy Cross Choir National Anthem
Recorded July 4, 2008 at Sky Sox Stadium, Colorado Springs. Holy Cross Lutheran Church Celebration Choir sings our National Anthem prior to the game between ...
Folsom High School Jazz Choir I Reno Jazz Festival 2013 Singing Earth
FHS Jazz Choir I singing: "Earth" by Imogen Heap Reno Jazz Festival 2013 soloist: Charlotte Hembree.
Chamber Choir National Anthem
My high school's chamber choir sang the national anthem at homecoming game.
Decatur Hs Concert Choir Seniors National Anthem
Arranged and directed by Steve Gorringe. 2006 graduation ceremony.
Natalie Gore Sings National Anthem Featuring Fca Choir
Natalie Gore sings the National Anthem at the American Airlines Center for the Dallas Desperados Play-Off Game 7/7/07. Featuring the Faith Christian Academy ...
Bhs Choir National Anthem
comments please*
Clhs Men S Choir National Anthem.wmv
During the Christmas Carol play, the choir sang a few songs.
Fhs Choir
WWHS WSMA State Madrigal Ensemble and Vocal Jazz 04.27.2013 *A Choir Dad Video *For Educational Puposes Only.
Waukesha West Choirs Wsma State Madrigal Ensemble And Vocal Jazz ...
6 Figures was asked to perform at Cary-Grove High School with their Jazz Choir. 6 Figures openning the evening with their off-mic rendition of the National A...
The Star Spangled Banner 6 Figures
Freeport High School Varsity Choir singing Job Job at Fall Concert on 10/10/2012 Soloist: Kiefer Otto.
Fhs Varsity Choir Job Job
0:00 Sing a Song of Sixpence 3:35 Little Boy Blue 7:41 Hey Diddle Diddle The Birmingham Boys Choir 36th Annual Spring Concert Sunday, May 18th, 2014 Covena...
20090326 Folsom Jazz Choirs At Columbia Jazz Festival
Folsom High School Jazz Choir 1 performing at their WInter Concert, December 6, 2011. These songs and more are available on our Christmas album. For a donati...
Three Nursery Rhymes For Mixed Choir And Jazz Trio
Part Two of Folsom High School Jazz Choir 1's award-winning performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival's Next Generation Jazz Festival in March 2012 featuring...
Fhs Honor Choir Audition Alto
Tammie sings with the Foothill High School Chamber during their 2011 Winter Choral Concert.
Folsom High School Jazz Choir 1 Christmas Sampler 2011
Lynbrook High School's Girls Choir performing at the Pops Concert on May 22, 2014. - Party in the USA - Girls' Singoff: Halo/Walking on Sunshine.
Folsom High School Jazz Choir At Monterey Jazz Festival Competition March 31 ...
Our show, "Computer Vs. Man" and the fight song. We only have the first two songs of drill, so in the closer we just lined up to hear each other better. Enjoy.
Fhs Chamber Sings Ave Maria Winter Concert Jan 2011
E'tolorun lawa o se (Arr:Niran Obasa.(2013) This is one of the best Choral arrangement of an African traditional gospel Songs. . Full of harmonies and rhythm...
Philip Choir Concert Spring 2014 Crossing The Bar
Folsom Jazz Festival, January 29, 2011. Folsom High School Jazz Choir A rendition of "All Blues". Scat Solo by Tanner R., Solo by Kayla.
Lhs Girls Choir 2014 Pops Concert
A Cappella singing the National Anthem at the Veteran's Day Concert. and at the end there is a snippet from our concert at Clemens. Hope you enjoy :)).
Fhs Marching Band 2010 Snare Cam
The Montgomery High School Marching Band, under the direction of Adam Warshafsky, performing the national anthem at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey p...
Best Choral Arrangement E Tolorun Lawa O Se
Glenn Miller, a man who's music was and still known the world over. Glenn Miller's sound sold many records in the 40's, and sadly it also sold many records i...
All Blues Folsom High School Jazz Choir A
Award-winning Folsom High School Jazz Choir at their Winter Concert December 6, 2011 The choir is seeking sponsors and performance opportunities to raise mon...
A Cappella National Anthem
The Women of Pinnacle High School Choir performing Popular from the musical Wicked...we see you Brooklyn :) Great job everyone
Montgomery H.s. Marching Band 2 4 11 New Jersey Devils Game Performing...
20080126 Folsom Jazz Festival Folsom Jazz Choir A Sample.
Eric Silver And His Orchestra Star Spangled Banner Ultraphonic
Folsom High School Jazz Choir Winter Concert
Monterey Jazz Festival's "Next Generation Jazz Festival" First Place winner, Folsom High School Jazz Choir A performing Spooky, arranged by Kerry Marsh, on A...
The Women Of Pinnacle High School Choir Performing Popular From The Musical...
OHS Chamber Choir - Featuring Laudate Ringers Oakton High School Winter Chorus Concert October 14, 2010 Tiffany Powell, Director Nina Stabile, Accompanist Ja...
20080126 Folsom Jazz Festival Folsom Jazz Choir A Sample
Monterey Jazz Festival's "Next Generation Jazz Festival" First Place winner, Folsom High School Jazz Choir A performing "Old Friends" on April 10, 2010.
Msa Folsom Jazz Choir 2010 Makin Me Crazy
At Auburn University April 18, 2008. I have added two more videos of songs that were played there.
Spooky Folsom Hs Jazz Choir A 2010
Folsom Jazz Festival, January 29, 2011. Folsom High School Jazz Choir A rendition of "Kaleidoscope/Bluebird". Arranged by Kerry Marsh, soloists in Kaleidosco...
Jazz Choir Home For The Holidays
Peace peace - Cherry Creek High School choirs in concert 2009-12-16.
Old Friends Folsom Hs Jazz Choir A 2010
My Chamber Choir performing "Lament for a lost child" at the Jazz Unlimited showcase, only 6 of 19 advanced Choirs who performed at CBC were selected for the...
2008 Alabama All State Junior High Band National Anthem
From "An American Spectacular", Performed by Band Of America, Live at the Shrine Temple Auditorium, vocal performance by Tom Cook.
Kaleidoscope Heart Bluebird By Sara Bareilles Cover By Folsom High School...
"Seasons of Love" from Rent performed by the BSS/UCC Jazz Choir on Friday.
Peace Peace Cherry Creek High School Choirs 2009 12 16
2012-2013 Edison High School Beauty Shop Quartet (Sara C. - Tenor, Rachel P. - Lead, Lauren G. - Baritone, Divya R. - Bass) - Spring Concert The Edison High ...
Lament For A Lost Child
Olympic High School Jazz Group performs Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix at a jazz festival held at Bremerton High School on November 23rd, 2013.
Amrican National Anthem
High River Music Festival Spring 2009.
Seasons Of Love By Bss Ucc Jazz Choir
Lean On Me Cover
Carol Of The Bells Olympic High Jazz Group
Ahsfa Jazz Choir My Romance